Spectro & Gloovy Eco Gloves Join Forces

The collaboration entails both the use of gloves by Spectro's factory workers and the distribution and collection at Spectro's customers.

First Circular Glove on the Market
Disposable gloves are one of the largest waste streams in the cleaning industry. Gloovy Eco Gloves are the first gloves made from 60% recycled material and produced with demonstrably less environmental impact. After use, the gloves can be returned for responsible recycling into new gloves and other products.

Safety Comes First
The use of this relatively unknown type of gloves posed some challenges regarding safety. Safety is paramount when it comes to the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), and safe use with certain cleaning agents must be ensured. Ultimately, safety has been extensively tested and the type of gloves is now included in Spectro's safety data sheets.

All Colors, as Long as It's Black
In addition to internal use, Spectro will distribute Gloovy Eco Gloves to its customers. Standard sizes are readily available from stock at attractive prices, but only in black. Black, being the predominant color in the cleaning industry, facilitates better recycling later on. Used gloves can be returned to Spectro, which can be seamlessly integrated with the collection of empty packaging of cleaning agents, similar to Spectro's existing Recycle Factory initiative.