Fully automatic smart dishwashing solution for professional dishwashers

Excellent results

Serving beautifully presented, tasty meals starts with clean dishes. Smart Liquid gives you the security that your dishes will be cleaned to perfection, as this fully automatic dishwashing solution ensures that your dishwasher always uses the right amount of dishwash-ing detergents. In addition, smart data processing allows you to keep track of usage at any time, so you can make the adjustments needed to perfect your results.

Dosage system

The key to the Smart Liquid solution is a smart dosage system with a replacement sensor and automatic loading function. This ensures that there is always enough dishwasher detergent flowing into your dishwasher without you needing to check constantly. Our highly concentrated dishwasher detergents subsequently generate the best results. Whether you are using a small frontloading dishwasher containing cups or a large conveyor dishwasher used to clean severely dirty plates: we provide the right solution for any machine and any setting.

Data-driven advice

Based on the data generated by the Smart Liquid solution, we can provide you with targeted advice on using your dishwashers and dishwasher detergents. This data also helps us to easily identify any problems and user errors. This improves the efficiency of the overall dishwashing process and avoids delays, while at the same time ensuring that the kitchen process runs smoothly. Our Technical Service Team is available 24/7 to assist you in the event of any technical issues.