Highly concentrated, ecological laundry detergents in an intelligent and energy neutral dosage system; efficient in use and great result.

User-friendly and customizable

The distinct symbols, colours and numbers make it very easy to use. The dosage system can be perfectly adjusted to your situation, which guarantees a great result.

Reducing costs

Our highly concentrated laundry detergents will provide a low costs per dosage, therefore less stock is needed, it will reduce the amount of waste and the logistic movement. In addition there is no need to invest in the dosage system, it is easily installed and maintenance-free.


Our products cannot be used without our dispensers, which makes theft pointless. The pouches are only accessible with the use of a special key. Child-lock is optional for an even safer use.

• Accurate dosing
• Overdosing is impossible
• Insight in usage
• Extremely easy to use
• Maintenance-free and easy to install
• Energy neutral (no batteries)
• No investment needed