Ecodos Easy is the world’s first intelligent dispenser for cleaning agents.
The use of smart technology leads to the extra efficient use of our ecological cleaning agents.

With our highly concentrated cleaning agents (up to 10 times more concentrated than regular products) we take cleaning to the ‘next level’. With just 3 products all daily cleaning activities can be done without any compromise to cleaning quality.

Steering based on data

Efficient and sustainable cleaning, however, also depends on the intelligence of the dispenser. Ecodos Easy provides you with an insight into the consumption of the cleaning agents. The data generated by the dispenser can be easily integrated into your cleaning or HACCP plan. This enables you to steer on efficiency and ecological performance.

User-friendly and economical

Ecodos Easy is a user-friendly dispenser, which is extremely accurate in dispensing the correct dosage. You can use two dosages, separately adjustable from 1-100ml. The delay-timer prevents employees from using too much cleaning agent.

Cost cutting

Our highly concentrated cleaning agents offer you low costs per dosage. Moreover, less transport is needed, reducing stock quantity and waste to an absolute minimum (the pouches will be emptied completely). On top of that, our products cannot be used without our dispenser, removing the risk of theft.

• Overdosing impossible
• Data storage and communication
• Extremely accurate dosage
• Very simple to use
• Energy neutral
• Maintenance-free