Never order product again

As part of the Spectro’s Internet, the IBC Monitoring System is the next step in the use of technology and data in cleaning products and cleaning concepts. The IBC monitoring sensors are fully customised to the user, establishing what the order level is. The sensors communicate with the Spectro Internet Module which ensures that the data is continuously sent to Spectro’s server. When the order time is reached, new product is automatically sent. Never order product again, it couldn’t be easier!

Use of smart data

A special Spectro Internet Module is installed at the user’s site which can communicate with all of Spectro’s dispensing equipment and sensors. The data that is continuously transmitted is processed and analysed. Not only does the user never have to order product again, they also receive a notification when the product is completely finished. Moreover, thanks to intelligent data processing, the user always has insight into consumption, so that targeted adjustments can be made in order to perfect the result.

Unique in the world

The Internet Modules, sensors and dispensing equipment are developed by Spectro itself and produced in our energy-neutral factory. Everything is professionally installed by the Spectro Technical Service Team. Moreover, the Spectro Technical Service Team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This team works in a completely carbon-neutral manner by using electric vehicles only. Are you interested in the IBC Monitoring System? Please contact us for more information.