In Q2 of 2024, Spectro will start construction of its new headquarters at Drontermeer 14 in Oss.

From left to right Quintus Metternich (Spectro), Roel van Erp (Erp Bouw), Alissa Metternich & Laurens Metternich (Spectro).

Securing the future & experience

For one thing, the construction is necessary because the current offices offer an insufficient amount of space for Spectro's current and future team. In addition, part of the building will be set up as an experience centre to introduce customers and other interested parties to the divisions in which Spectro is active. Of course, this can be combined with a visit to our adjacent factory at the same location.

Impression of the new Spectro headquarters

Sustainable but smart building

The new headquarters will be the most sustainable office in the region. Firstly by using recycled and circular materials such as steel, concrete and (cradlecore) sandwich panels. Secondly, through the use of renewable energy, emission-free installations, water recovery and attention to biodiversity. Partly because of this, the office will also have the highest attainable energy label (A++++). Thanks to smart construction, construction time is short and costs are limited.

Local partners

Local partners are used as much as possible, not only for a positive impact on the region but also to reduce the footprint during construction. Most of the parties involved are even located within a radius of 1 km.
- Contractor: Erp Bouw B.V. (Oss)
- Steel Construction: Mostako Staalbouw (Heesch)
- W-Installation: Peter Megens Installations B.V. (Oss)
- E-Installation: Herlings Electro Techniek (Uden)
- Cladding: Cladding Service (Oss)
- Architect: Marc Coenen (Goirle)
- Interior architect: Studio Entr (Oss)
- Financing: Rabobank Oss Bernheze

The new headquarters will be occupied Q4-2024.