Fully automatic smart water softener for professional dishwashers

Calcium buildup not only damages your dishwasher; it also affects your cleaning performance. While you can fight this build-up by using a traditional water softener, these are generally so ineffective that your dishwasher will only continue building up calcium deposits over time – without you even noticing. The Spectro Water Softener makes this a thing of the past.

Automatic operation

The Spectro Water Softener ‘communicates’ with Spectro and Ecodos dosing equipment, alerting you in time so you can top up at the right time. The salt generation is fully automatic, based on a pre-set result and/or time. This guarantees maximum results at all times. The dosing device also registers the usage data, allowing you to keep track of how much detergent you use and control cleaning performance to achieve better results. With its compact design, the Spectro Water Softener can be installed virtually anywhere. Resin is used to soften tap water.


• Improved cleaning performance
• Improved dishwasher lifespan
• Less maintenance for your machines
• No waste of dishwashing detergents

Installation and service

The Spectro Water Softener – including dispenser – will be installed for you by one of our own installation technicians. Our Technical Service Team is available 24/7 to report technical issues.