Does Spectro really make all its products itself?

All cleaning agents, cosmetics and disinfectants are developed by Spectro and produced in our energy-neutral factory in Oss. Spectro customers and potential customers are welcome to visit our factory.

Does Spectro work with distributors?

Our distributors are an important part of our sales channel. Which is why many of our products are also available from distributors. If you are unable to obtain one of our products from your distributor, please contact us and we will try to find an appropriate solution.

From what quantities do you offer private label?

That depends very much on the required product and packaging, but as a rule a minimum order of 1 pallet per product/packaging applies.
Please contact us to discuss the options.

Why are your products only for professional users?

First of all professional products are much different than consumer products, developed for frequent trained professional users and other ingredients (are allowed to use).
Second due to legislation the label is different to consumer product.

Are Spectro products biodegradable?

All Spectro cleaning agents are biodegradable according to the European Detergent Regulation (EC 648/2004).
However, to avoid misleading, it is now allowed to mention this on the labels.