Every day at Spectro we work on developing the cleaning concepts of the future.

As a result, we regularly have new products and our products are continuously improving and becoming more sustainable.
In addition, we often have nice promotions. On this page you will find the most important ones in chronological order.

April 2024

Improved Spectro Glass & Interior Cleaner (perfume, cleaning & EU Ecolabel ready)
New: Spectro Acidic Cleaner Inhibitor
Sustainable: 1L standard, 1L spray bottle, 2.7L Ecodos/Ecodet cartridge en 5L OV38 made of 50% recycled plastic

February 2024

New: Gloove Eco Gloves
Improved: Spectro Dishwashing Detergent Extra (re-fattening agent and perfume)
New: Spectro Acidic Cleaner Almond

December 2023

Improved: Ecodos Spray Bottle Kitchen Cleaner also back on stock

November 2023

Improved Spectro TC Spendid (improved formulation for lower dosage)

September 2023

Changing: Changed ingredient list Spectro Hand Soap Eco, Spectro Hand Soap Eco Soft, Spectro Foam Soap Eco & Spectro Foam Soap Eco Soft (no formulation change)

August 2023

New: Ecodos Rinse Aid Extra

July 2023

New: Wheel Cleaner Alkaline

June 2023

Changing: Sanosept Profi only available colorless
New: Spectro Proxitane AHC

May 2023

New: Spectro Bio Cleaner

February 2023

Sustainable: Implementation of new criteria EU Ecolabel cosmetics (small changes in colour and perfume possible).

January 2023

New: Ecodos Easy 3.0
Improved: TC Super richer foam
Sustainable: Tire Finish
Changing: Spectro Fabric Softener and Ecodet Destainer out of production

November 2022

New: Ecodos Floor Cleaner Extra & Ecodos Washroom Cleaner Bio in Dosage Bottle
New: Rinse Aid Extra

Oktober 2022

New: Hand & Body Lotion
Improved: Hair & Body Shampoo
Promotion: When buying 1 box of Hair & Body Shampoo via our webshop, 1 free Spectro Shower Timer (on = gone).

July 2022

New: Ecodos Spray Handle set & Telescopic Handle Set.
Promotion: When buying 2 boxes of Ecodos Interior Cleaner of Washroom Cleaner+ via the webshop, 10 free Ecodos Microfibre Cloths.

May 2022

New: Tetra Finish
Sustainable: powder dosage bottle made from 100% own recycled plastic.
Improved: Pre-Soak in powder Dosage Bottle

March 2022

New: Spectro Degreaser RTU
New: Spectro Dishwashing Detergent Extra

February 2022

Sustainable: Ecodet Fabric Softener now has EU Ecolabel

January 2022

New: Spectro Screenwash RTU

December 2021

Sustainable: ASP Certification on Ecodos Interior Cleaner, Washroom Cleaner+ & Floor Cleaner
Promotion: Free 'Healthy back to work' Bluetooth speaker and free shipping when you purchase 2 boxes of Ethades+ in 500 ml with dispenser pump via our webshop (on = gone).

January 2023

Sustainable: Implementation of new criteria EU Ecolabel cleaners, hand dishwashing detergents, professional dishwasher detergents and laundry detergents (small changes in colour and perfume possible).

Oktober 2021

Sustainable: Standard transparent caps on 5, 10 and 20 liter cans (more recyclable).

September 2021

New: Spectro Smart Liquid
New: Spectro Water Softener

March 2021

New: Ethades Desinfectiezuil
Improved: Expansion registrations Ethades & Ethades+

January 2021

New: Spectro IBC Monitoring System

December 2020

New: Spectro Air Freshener Sweet & Ocean
New: Spectro Ink & Sticker Remover

February 2020

New: Spectro Drain Unblocker Bio


New: Spectro MiBC
Improved: Spectro Stainless Steel Oil (trigger)
Improved: Spectro Damp Area Cleaner (foam trigger)
Sustainable: 200 liter drums in transparant plastic (better recyclable)