Most sustainable bottle in the world

Made from the first closed recycling loop for cleaning agents

Always the correct dosage

The Ecodos Dosage Bottle is made of 100% recycled plastic generated by our own Recycle Factory, world’s first closed recycling loop for cleaning agents. The special dosage cap takes care of correct dosage of our ecological, super concentrated cleaning agents. All products are being produced in our sustainable factory in the Netherlands. This is how we justify that this is the most sustainable bottle for cleaning agents in the world.

Certifications and training

The ecological characteristics of the products are independently confirmed by the European Ecolabel and ASP logo’s. Most products delivered in the Ecodos Dosage Bottle carry these certifications. We train your staff on how to use the dosage bottle and maybe even more importantly: we train them to work more hygienically, safely and environmentally friendly.

Easy to use

Because we use clear colours, numbers and symbols, the system is easy to use for everyone. With just 3 products all daily cleaning activities can be done without compromising in cleaning quality. The compact packaging fit thanks to their clever design in compact boxes and are very easy to handle. The bottle is even easier to handle due to the ergonomically handle.

Ecodos Dosage Bottle for powders

The Ecodos Dosage Bottle is also available in a version for powders. The larger cap opening assures smooth dosing of powders. This powder version is also made of 100% recycled plastic generated by Spectro’s Recycle Factory and has all excellent Ecodos Dosage Bottle properties such as the ergonomical handle, peel & reseal label and slim design.