It goes without saying that we constantly strive to make our business as sustainable as possible, but our efforts to make the market more sustainable is where we really make a difference. Through our Sustainability policy, we focus on the entire chain: from raw materials to re-use.

1. Raw materials from renewable sources

It all starts with raw materials. Wherever possible we use environmentally friendly ingredients from renewable resources. A large part of our range is certified with the European Ecolabel.

2. Sustainable business operations

From saving water and energy to waste separation and safety: as far as sustainability within our own company is concerned, we set the bar high. To this end we implemented the Charter for Sustainable Cleaning. Spectro is also certified according to ISO9001 and ISO14001. On top of that, as of 2019 Spectro generates its complete energy consumption with the use of solar panels. Therefore our production is completely energy neutral.

3. Sustainable logistics

We also try to lead the way in logistics. For example, we specialise in super concentrates; by definition, this method of manufacturing and supplying requires fewer logistic movements and less storage. All our company cars are electric. On the long term we want to make regional shipments fully electric and longer shipments as efficient as possible for example by the use of freight sharing and therefore prevent empty lorries.

4. Sustainable use

The greatest environmental gain is achieved by focussing on the sustainable use of our products. Our innovative dosage systems mean we avoid overdosing which quite literally means: not a drop too much. Our clear colour coding also ensures that the right product is used at the right time. Finally, we train the employees how to use our cleaning products and we create comprehensive cleaning schedules for effective and efficient cleaning.

5. Recycling and re-use

Used products deserve a new life. Recycling and re-use are therefore important areas for attention in the production process. A good example of this are our ‘Recycle Bottles’: which are made from up to 100% recycled plastic. The use of as little colouring as possible in the packaging makes packaging recycling even easier. Furthermore Spectro offers the possibility to return empty packaging via the Recycle Factory. The plastic will be used in new packaging. This is how we close the chain.

6. Good employer

For Spectro it is important to be a good employer. Employee development is the key element, however we also take initiatives for healthier employees. We also cooperate with organisations with people who have very poor employment prospects. For example, these people are assembling our dispensers.