We have been supplying product cards for the Car and Truckwash products for some time now, which can be attached to the pipes. This smart behind-the-scenes addition offers numerous benefits. Firstly, the product cards make it easy to see which cleaning agent is connected to which pipe. This promotes efficiency and prevents confusion, making the cleaning and connection process smooth.

Another important advantage is that the product cards increase security. By clearly indicating which product is associated with each pipe, the risk of accidentally using the wrong detergent is reduced. This is essential to prevent damage to vehicles or even injury to employees. The product cards guarantee a quick and correct identification of the correct cleaning agents.

In addition, the product cards promote the overall organization and orderliness in the car wash. They streamline the process and reduce the risk of errors or delays. By using the product cards, employees can work more efficiently and customers are provided with a consistent and high-quality service.

All in all, the product cards on the pipes of car wash cleaning agents play a crucial role in improving the work. They make it clear which product belongs where, increase safety and contribute to an organized working environment. This small but effective addition makes a big difference in the efficiency and quality of the car wash experience.