Vehicle Care

Better ingredients, smarter formulas, more efficient processes…
Every day at Spectro we work on developing the cleaning concepts of the future. We develop them in our own laboratory and test them extensively in the daily routine of our user. This is how we work on a new future for the car & truckwash sector.

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  1. Pre-Cleaner

    Concentrated, alkaline and mildly perfumed product for removing insect remains, brake dust and road grime off vehicles.

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  2. Brush Shampoo
    Brush Shampoo

    Highly concentrated, neutral, high-foaming and freshly perfumed product for use in textiles washing stations.

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  3. Foam Polish
    Foam Polish

    Highly concentrated, high-foaming and perfumed drying and polishing product for foaming posttreatment of vehicles.

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  4. Finish Dryer
    Finish Dryer

    Hooggeconcentreerd en fris geparfumeerd product voor het versneld drogen en glanzen van voertuigen na het wassen.

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  5. Triple Finish
    Triple Finish

    Highly concentrated and highly perfumed product for protecting, extra rapid drying and a superb shine of car paints after washing.

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  6. TC Excellent
    TC Excellent

    Highly concentrated, alkaline, high-foaming and unperfumed product for cleaning cars and trucks.

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  7. Showroom Finish
    Showroom Finish

    Ready to use, freshly perfumed, effective product for locally brightening paint.

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  8. Interior Cleaner
    Interior Cleaner

    Concentrated, neutral, freshly perfumed product for all everyday interior cleaning activities.

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  9. Alu Cleaner
    Alu Cleaner

    Highly concentrated, acidic and unperfumed product for cleaning alloys/rims and other aluminium parts and surfaces.

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  10. Glass & Interior Cleaner
    Glass & Interior Cleaner

    Ready for use, freshly perfumed, effective cleaner for local streak-free cleaning of all water-resistant surfaces.

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  11. Screenwash Ready-to-use
    Screenwash Ready-to-use

    Ready for use, freshly perfumed, neutral product cleaning the windows of cars and trucks.

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  12. TC Super
    TC Super

    Concentrated, alkaline, high-foaming and unperfumed product for touchless cleaning cars and trucks.

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Items 1-12 of 43

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