Used products deserve a new life. Recycling and reuse are therefore important areas for attention in the production process. A good example of this are our ‘Recycle Bottles’: which are made from up to 100% recycled plastic. Recycle bottles reduce CO2 up to 75% compared to new plastic and save up to 95% on the use of fossil fuels*.

100 ml bottle

Application: Bottle used for hand disinfectants etc.
Material: 100% PCR PET.
Closure: Transparant sprayer or flip top cap.

500 ml bottle

Application: Bottle used for hand disinfectants, hand soaps etc.
Material: 100% PCR PET.
Closure: Transparent dispenser or flip top cap.

750 ml toilet bottle

Application: Bottle with curved neck used for toilet cleaners and descalers.
Material: 95% PCR HDPE.
Closure: Child-friendly cap with spout.

1 liter Ecodos dosage bottle

Application: Bottle for dosing of cleaning agents, disinfectants, laundry detergents etc.
Material: 100%/50% PCR HDPE.
Closure: Transparant dosage cap (5, 10 en 20 ml).

1 liter bottle

Application: Our most used bottle for cosmetics, cleaning agents, disinfectants etc.
Material: 30% PW HDPE.
Closure: Transparent flip top cap, screw cap of trigger.

2,7 liter Ecodos cartridge

Application: Automatic Ecodos and Ecodet dosage systems.
Material: 30% PW HDPE.
Closure: Plastic inlay and removable seal.

Recycle bottles in development

  • 500 ml HDPE PCR bottle
  • 1,5 liter HDPE PCR Ecodos pouch
  • 5 liter HDPE cannister

Extra information


PCR stands for Post Consumer Regrind and is plastic from collected consumer waste (for example Plastic Hero) which is cleaned and processed to plastic pellets. PCR can be used up to 100% in new plastic products of PET, HDPE and PP. The quality is equal to virgin material, however the colour is slightly darker.


PW stand for Production Waste and is plastic from the production of new plastic packaging. This plastic can be reused without processing it. It is available for PET, HDPE and PP. The strength is a bit lower, because of this it can only be used up to 30% in new plastic products. PW does not influence the colour of the packaging.

Availability of Recycle Bottles is strongly depending on availability of recycled materials. Therefor the material can be different between orders.