The Easy 3.0 is another step in the evolution of Ecodos Easy: the world's first intelligent detergent dosing system. Below is a brief description of the changes: 

The new battery system

The new battery is easily replaceable after opening the dispenser. The built-in charging circuit allows you to use any micro-USB charger to charge the battery and easily see if it is charged. The battery is based on LiFePO4 technology making these batteries safe to use, store and transport but also easily recyclable. A retrofit kit is available for existing Easy's. Of course, the batteries can still be charged via the solar panels on the Easy.

Many improvements

By applying new techniques, we have been able to extend the life of the Easy dispensers even further. For example, the cap closure has been changed, we have used a different type of pump and we have given the electronics even better protection. The software has also been improved on a number of points. In the unlikely event that something does not function properly, you can always exchange the Easy, but we urge you to always fill out the return form completely (included in the box of every new Easy).

Even more durable refills

12 Ecodos products were already certified with the European Ecolabel. In addition, the films for the bags are made of 32% recycled plastic. When the bags are empty, you can return them to us for sustainable recycling through our Recycle Factory. The new peal-&-reseal labels feature seventeen languages, allowing the products to be sold in a minimum of 25 European countries and quick delivery from stock.

Getting to know Easy 3.0?

We would be happy to personally explain the changes and train your employees in the use, installation and possible maintenance. Our account managers will contact you shortly for this purpose. Can't wait? Then contact us directly.