Established 2019
Used products deserve a new life. That's why Spectro established the Recycle Factory in 2019. With the Recycle Factory, we offer our customers the opportunity to return empty plastic packaging. Where possible, we reuse these packages. If not possible then we recycle them back into new packaging.

5 new Recycle Bottles!
5 years the Recycle Factory we are of course going to celebrate appropriately, namely by introducing 5 new Recycle Bottles. These are the following 5 packages:
- 500 ml flask: also known as Euro bottle and is made of 100% R-HDPE.
- 1L bottle: our standard 1L bottle made from a minimum of 50% recycled HDPE.
- 1L spray bottle: our standard 1L spray bottle made of 50% recycled HDPE.
- Ecodos/ Ecodet cartridge: used in various dispensing systems and made of 80% R-HDPE.
- 5L can: our most commonly used 5L can, made of at least 50% recycled HDPE. We will actively convert all; our 5L cans to this Recycle Can, unless it is not yet legally possible.

Significant CO2 reduction but visible
Earlier research conducted by HAS University of Applied Sciences shows that, despite extra transport movements, 74% CO2 reduction can easily be achieved. Because of our dedicated recycling streams, we are able to produce transparent HDPE of excellent quality. Nevertheless, the use of R-HDPE is visible through the slightly browner tint of the packaging.

PPWR ready
With the introduction of these 5 new bottles, Spectro is taking big steps towards the early implementation of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR). The European Commission plans to require a minimum of 30% recycled plastic in packaged products by 2030.

Want to know more or use?
The Recycle Factory is free for Spectro customers. Moreover, reusing or recycling more plastic packaging is still desperately needed. Want to know more about the Recycle Factory and/or our new Recycle Bottles? Then get in touch with us!