The first product straight out of our Recycle Factory is a reality. We are proud to introduce the new Ecodos Dosage Bottle. This brand new packaging comes from our own mold and the design is patented by Spectro. Our bottle is unique in the world, as the Ecodos Dosage Bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic from Spectro's own Recycle Factory. New Ecodos Dosing Bottle: ultimate sustainability!

The old Dosage Bottle was excellent already. These outstanding features have remained outstanding:

  • With its clear colors, numbers and symbols, the Ecodos system is easy to use.
  • The compact and highly concentrated refills are easy to handle.
  • The special caps on the dosage bottles ensure a precise dosage.
  • Since the products are highly concentrated, less transportation is required and your inventory can be lowered.

Most sustainable bottle in the world

Made from the first closed recycling loop for cleaning agents 


Always the correct dosage 

The Ecodos Dosage Bottle is made of 100% recycled plastic generated by our own Recycle Factory, world’s first closed recycling loop for cleaning agents. The special dosage cap takes care of correct dosage of our ecological, super concentrated cleaning agents. All products are being produced in our sustainable factory in The Netherlands. This is how we justify this is the most sustainable bottle for cleaning agents in the world. 


Ecodos Flessen in doos

More sustainable transport

Because the bottles have a closer fit, they fit into more compact boxes. This also makes the transport of this product more sustainable. More compact boxes mean more boxes on 1 pallet. And that is ultimately better for the environment.

We are nominated!

Spectro itself brings the reused or recycled packaging back into the market. This makes us the world's first cleaning agent manufacturer with a closed recycling loop for our plastic packaging.  Thanks to this we are nominated for the Interclean Innovation Award! You can vote here.

Ecodos by Spectro logo

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