We have no secrets about our eagerness to enrich our assortment with new products, especially when such an introduction is also sustainable. That's exactly why we recently launched the Gloovy Eco Glove, the first fully sustainable disposable glove. Naturally, we extensively tested this glove, and the results are promising.

The Gloovy Eco Glove is a sustainable alternative to the well-known nitrile gloves. Our legal and regulatory expert, René Uijtdewilligen, explains, "Nitrile gloves are widely used in the cleaning industry. The 'issue' lies in their production, which is not sustainable. Additionally, due to the polymer composition, they are hardly recyclable. According to Facto, the cleaning industry alone discards 60 million gloves each year. There is significant potential in this area to make the industry more sustainable."

Reduced CO2 Footprint

The Gloovy Eco Glove is made from a combination of polyethylene and thermoplastic elastomer. "The production process is more environmentally friendly, and the material comes from a renewable source," says René. "Moreover, after use, we can easily incorporate the Gloovy Eco Glove into the next recycling cycle. This not only saves on waste management but also further reduces your CO2 footprint."

"The Gloovy Eco Glove meets all safety and usability standards"

Safety First

The Gloovy Eco Glove is suitable for short-term cleaning tasks involving diluted cleaning agents. René emphasizes that safety standards have not been compromised. "The glove meets all safety and usability standards. We wouldn't include them in our assortment otherwise, as user safety and hygiene are always our top priorities."

All familiar safety specifications are listed on the packaging of the Gloovy Eco Glove. If in doubt, refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS), which contains information on risks associated with hazardous substances and mixtures, along with recommendations for safe use.

Positive Tests

Before introducing the Gloovy Eco Glove into our assortment, we tested it among our own employees. René explains, "Their feedback has been positive. The material is slightly less elastic than what they were used to, but it doesn't affect usability. We often hear, 'Works just like before.' Some are even reluctant to go back."

Boosting Sustainability

This prompted us to give the green light, or rather, the bright green light, because with the Gloovy Eco Glove, we're giving our sustainability ambitions a fresh boost. "That's what we love," says René. "We're always looking for opportunities to further enhance sustainability, both as a company and as pioneers in the industry. These gloves provide a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to work safely, hygienically, and sustainably."